unouomedude - Violence (Hot Sugar Cover)

I needed to clear my mind and record something so I did this short and sloppy little cover of Hot Sugar’sViolence”.

wtf.. this is awesome


Wow I did not realize that pinning posts costs $5. That is an entire pack of guitar strings. Okay I’ll make this quick.
R.I.P. unouomedude. It’s just Yuno now. The new official website/tumblr is That is where I’ll be posting new music stuff and other things that are relevant to my music. You can follow it for that stuff if you want to.
I have a new song out called “Sunlight” and it premiered on SPIN today. It’s from my upcoming record “V”. You can get it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else it is.
I made a Kickstarter to help raise money for me to make my new record, “V”, and to start playing live shows and touring. My base goal is $2,000, but my big goal to make the record WAY better and faster is $4,500. Backers can get an exclusive ep, a preorder of “V”, a mixtape of some songs I’ve posted here and some unreleased songs, a letter, a T-shirt with me when I was 2 years old on it, and a bunch of other stuff! There is a video and a lot more info in the Kickstarter page. At least go look at it! Thanks to the everyone who’s backed it so far!
I will be/have been posting more stuff in separate posts so pay attention if you want to see them! Also, feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions about this stuff or just want to say something nice to me. Thank you for reading this. I love you <3

Check out Yuno’s kickstarter and spam his inbox with demands 4 a Hot Sugar x Yuno collaboration