Kitty is trolling you about the MiDi Murder EP. This Scion thing is just a teaser. The full length MiDi Murder LP comes out early next year and shes going 2 b on it.

On top of that, thats her saying Hot Sugar at the top of every song. Also when Scion asked me to censor the list of curse words they sent me, I replaced the words with the sounds of her cumming.

sorry if thats TMI but I guess technically shes on every track

this is my new real doll. she is an organic gynoid.
show 2nite
♛ Versace Girlfriend ♛

I got to interview grammy-nominated musician/producer Hot Sugar for Bullett Magazine
me and kitty had to play a last minute show for a St. Lucian parliament function a few weeks ago (cuz the band FUN dropped out the day before) and they flew us back & forth via crazy private jet.
they didnt evn have peanuts or pretzels

*new song*