I have a pet shrimp. He is see-through with blue highlights.
Hes actually not a shrimp. Hes a white ghost lobster but im raising him as a shrimp
my ghost-lobster is so Metal he ripped off his exoskeleton and is now eating his old body.. 
fist pumping
Me on TV + Me n my pet ghost lobster on the street
*****RIP SHRIMP*****
He was too fragile 4 this cruel planet. Suicide is a very real thing. My shrimp stopped eating and starved himself 2 death.
Im at a loss of words.. plz give me time 2 process this
#RIP my pet shrimp. ‘You were always there for me. The tender wind that carried me. A light in the dark shining your love into my life. You’ve been my inspiration’