Once I noticed a pile of ants that no one ever noticed before. They were like a lot of other ants but i felt like they deserved attention. I recorded the ants and put them on a song. The ants were super excited to be on record and no one had ever heard “ants go in like that” before.

Blogs wrote about the song (focusing on the uniqueness of the ants) and suddenly everyone was talking bout the ants. The ants got gassed and started with their egos. By the next song they started trying to tell me how to do my job and acted like they’d been running the show the whole time. They told me everyone was trying to work with them & that I could easily be replaced by other producers. The ants started doing coke and wilding out. I took a step back and let the ants do their thing while I went back into nature and realized that there are endless things to record and that every thing is special. I started recording a buttercup flower and then the same thing happened with that. Everyone’s a star. Thats why now I only record silence.

rip athena


Original track by Himanshu Suri (prod. Hot Sugar) for Parts Unknown: Punjab.

I recorded sounds of Heems’ mom cooking us food once and made this beat that he ended up rapping over for Anthony Bourdain’s new show

Send audio of you cracking your knuckles, ankles, or whatever you like to do

email either just the audio or ideally a video to HotSugarMGMT@gmail.com


We will let you know if its being used




Left: Christ blessing, CA 1505. Gerard David. Nederlands - Right: Hot Sugar

(0:00-2:53) Hot Sugar – Moonlight Sonata (feat. Hurricane Sandy + Bugs electrocuting + Silence during a funeral)
(3:34-5:28) Hot Sugar – A widow with nice perfume
(5:28-7:29) Hot Sugar – Deposition
(7:29-8:47) Hot Sugar – The Garden of Earthly Delights
(8:47-11:03) Hot Sugar – “your nails are so pretty”
(11:03-14:04) Hot Sugar – The dead guy I found frozen next to the dumpster behind Westcoast Video
(14:05-15:16) Jeanette – Escucha (Hot Sugar edit)
(15:16-16:10) Hot Sugar – Fader mix interlude 1
(16:10-18:53) Björn isfält – The scene from Swedish Love Story where the kid rides back 4 his girl on his little motorcycle while crying (Hot Sugar edit)
(18:53-21:03) Hot Sugar – Assassination Plots (feat. Antwon + Andre Martel)
(21:03-22:42) O.G. Van B. Boys – Cobra Clutch (feat. Hot Sugar)
(22:42-24:24) SnckPck &amp; Hot Sugar – Hiking in an undiscovered forest on another planet
(24:24-27:20) Hot Sugar – Dark Angel (demo)
(27:25-29:51) Hot Sugar – Theme to “On My Way To Steal Your Girl”
(29:54-33:45) Hot Sugar – No one ever asked to be born (demo)
(33:45-35:19) Hot Sugar – Black Lipstick
(35:19-37:17) Hot Sugar – Fader mix interlude 2
(37:17-37:55) AudioOpera – Merlin
(37:55-39:11) Hot Sugar – They said I’m not allowed to hang out there
(39:11-41:19) Nancy Leticia – étude no.2 (Prod. Hot Sugar)
(41:19-42:12) H3X3N – Fire (Hot Sugar edit)
(42:12-42:50) Hot Sugar – Fader mix interlude 3
(42:50- 44:17) Hot Sugar – Bill’s Funeral
(44:17-46:48) Hot Sugar – The forest nymph that lived behind the school
(46:48-50:31) Hot Sugar – The time I poisoned my teacher’s donut
If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me? If I didn’t smell so good would u still hug me? If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century could I count on u 2&#160;b there 2 support me mentally?
I will be performing exclusive never-heard-b4 songs off ^ God’s Hand ^ (along with all types of other things) THIS FRIDAY Aprill 11th in Brooklyn along with these very cool musicians too.
event info &#8212;-&gt; ♖♆♖
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    }o-/( &lt;___    \'/ /\/\/\
   /o./  ;--._)====* -\/\/\/
   `"`\  \        /.\  `""`
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        /`\ )
        |/| |
      _//  \|
     | /   ||
     |/   / |
Bow Wow with Destiny&#8217;s Child + Solange
I had a private meeting with Neil Degrasse Tyson this morning to discuss my audio pursuits. He scientifically endorsed the potential of Associative Music &amp; gave me some suggestions for what to record. 
Once again&#8230;. Neil supports the logic &amp; reasoning behind the theory.
I also made him a rendition of The Moonlight Sonata I made using plasma wave recordings of solar storms in space. He is currently the sole owner of this song.